Your child is about to embark on a whole new adventure in Math homework! This math homework will be in the form of activities. Most activities are about 10- 15min. and can be completed at the kitchen table  while parents are doing chores nearby.

Every few weeks, I will send home 12 more activites and some materials to be added to your child’s Math Box. These materials should be kept in the Math Box for use in later months. For example, the cards and dice sent hom this month will be used throught the year.

Choose one activity a night from the list. You don’t have to go in order. You can repeat favorite activities and you don’t have to do all that are on the list. Explain the task to your child and if needed, do an example with him/her. Then let your student try the activity on his/her own. When the task is complete, check the work and discuss what was correct and if anything needs to be changed. You are welcome to adapt activities so that they are easier or harder depending on your child’s ability.

Some activities may call for something that you may have around the house. If you don’t have it, either use something else you do have or skip that particular activity. It might be useful to keep paper and a pencil with your Math Box (the back side of papers sent home would work just fine.

Each week in the homework folder I will send home a slip of paper that asks for you to list the activities you did that week and your signature. This paper will be due on Fridays. Each time you child completes 35 activites, he/she will qualify for an “Olympic Medal” (recieveing bronze, then silver after the next 35, and gold after the last 35.) If you skip a day, you may do two on the next day, but try not to do this very often; it is important for your child to do a little math each day.

I hope you enjoy seeing your child progress in math through these importatn concept-building activites.

Spelling and Vocabulary
Students will receive ten new spelling words and five vocabulary Words every Friday. They won’t have tests the weeks we track back on. Tests are differentiated depending on the students needs. Tests will be given on Thursdays.

Once a week they rotate through the following topics: P.E., art, character education, music (they learn to play recorders the second half of the year), and computers.

We will be using the school math series, Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley. Please help you child memorize his/her math facts; especially multiplication and division. Your child will struggle through math this year without it! My goal is to have every student using multiplication by the end of November.

The Six Traits of Writing will be emphasized this year. Students will also keep a writing journal to record their reading experiences this year.

While Students are silent reading I will be meeting with guided reading groups to work one-on-one with students based on their reading levels.

Whole Class Guided Reading

We will read from the Houfflin and Mifflin Basal Series.

Social Studies
Social Studies topics include Utah history and geography, Native Americans, Explorers, Fur Trappers, Pioneers, Utah counties, and Japan.


2:15- 3:00
This year the science subjects we will be learning about include Utah plants and animals, Utah environments, rocks and minerals, weather, and the water cycle.