†††† 1,000 paper cranes

††††† By Courtney Davis & Rachel Hamilton

To make a paper crane you do a series of folding called origami. Origami is basically all paper-folding witch includes a series of different shapes, sizes, animals, plants and insects. Next if youíre wondering why we are making paper cranes its because were making them in honor of sadako Chan sasaki. If youíre wondering how come itís in
honor of Sadako because she died from the atom
bomb disease called radiation. Sadako tried to make 1,000 paper cranes to keep her alive. She thought if she made 1,000 paper cranes the gods would grant her a wish. Her first crane was the golden crane that she loved looking at. There is a statue of her in Peace Park where peoples still come and put groups of 1,000 paper cranes in honor of her. We have done a survey of peoples in our class that liked making paper cranes. 23/25 loved it!