Asian Party           by: Anna & Bryn


We first have a jar and when the jar is full, we name different party’s we could have.  Then we pick which party we like the best. The first party we ever had was a movie party it was cool. You could bring a blanket, stuffed animal, and a pillow. We got pizza.

And the second party was the Asian Party. At the Asian party we filled up the jar again. We got to make lanterns. And we also got to make some names Mrs. Ting wrote are names on a piece of paper and looked up are names up in Jupan writing. And we painted them on a piece of paper. And then we made kimonos and used glitter and what ever you brought to make it. And then we got to eat food from that place there was seaweed , rice , candy, shrimp chips, it was really fun. We hope have a good year.                    From: Bryn and Anna

Used to be Mrs. Ting’s students.





Names 3 we got to write are names in Japan writing.                             Eating Food 15 We got to eat Japan food rice, candy, and seaweed, and chips.                              Kimonos 4 We had to bring some stuff from home to make the Kimonos.                                    Lanterns 3 Some parents came in and helped us make Lanterns.