Class Jobs

With Class Jobs you get to pick what Job you want. There are

Police, Bankers, Janitors, Ball Monitors, Postman, Clerk, Inventory, Pledge, Lunch Bucket, and Substitutes. You get paid a certain amount of fake money for each job. You can use that money for the auction every time you go Off-Track, and you have to pay once every month for a desk rent.

Police- Police hand out tickets when you are talking, goofing around, or out of your seat. You lose $5 for every ticket you get. Police get paid $75 once every month.

Bankers- Bankers keep track of your money. They keep track of how many tickets you get, and how much money you pay for rent, and how much money you spent at the Auctions, and they do lots of math. Although Bankers can be busy, they do a great job! Bankers get paid $85 once every month.

Janitors- Janitors keep the room clean. If a mess is under your desk, they’ll make you clean it up! They put away glue, markers, crayons, and they keep the bookshelf strait. Janitors get paid $90 once every month.

Ball Monitors- Ball Monitors keep track of who takes out balls and jump ropes to recess. If you don’t bring the ball orjump rope back in, and the Ball Monitors find out, you’re in trouble! Ball Monitors get paid $70 once every month.

Postman- Postman run arranges, such as picking something up from another teacher, taking lunch count and lunch money to the office or taking books to the library. Postman get paid $80 once every month.

Clerks- Clerks do the lunch count. They write down who wants what for lunch.You give them your lunch money. Clerks get paid $75 once every month.

Inventory- Inventory People makes sure that the lids are on the markers and glue sticks and they also make sure that there is enough papers. Inventory People get paid $65 once every month.

Pledge- Pledge People are in charge of making sure we do the pledge every day. Pledge People get paid $65 once every month.

Lunch Bucket- Lunch Bucket People brings the lunch box that holds cold lunches, balls, jump ropes, and jackets to lunch. Lunch Bucket People get paid $75 once every month.

Substitutes- If someone is absent, the Substitutes take their job for that day unless that person comes later that day. Substitutes get paid $70 once every month.

Auction- An Auction is at the end of every month, and you get to bid over items with the fake money you get from the jobs you do.


Kyla Bivens and Tana Cottam