Math Box Homework- Due June 23rd!

Their assignment is to create their own math game that will review something we hace learned in math this year. Here’s the cirteria

Title  your game

Provide written directions

Put your name on your game and any pieces that go with it

Mae sure it provides review in one of the math areas we have learned this year

Incorperate a spinner, dice, cards, or heads/tails into your game somehow

Your game needs to be for 4-8 players

Play the game with your family to make sure your game will work!

No Homework!

Due to the CRT testing there will be no Math homework this week!

Math Homework: May 24-28th

There isn’t a mathbox homework these next two weeks. Instead, we are going to do a review packet as we are getting ready for the big CRT test coming up in two weeks. Each day they will be asked to do a page. Here is the outline for this week:

Mon.- page 1

Tues.- page 2

Wed. pg. 3

Thurs. pg. 4

Fri.- We will go over their answers together, so make sure they turn it in this day! : )

Math Box- May 10-21

May 10- 21


Go to school web site:
Click on the LINKS button
Click on Math Links
I.  Click on Woodlands Math and scroll down to “Number Skills”
Click on Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages:
Play     a.  Fraction Monkeys
b.  Show the Fraction
c.  Name the Fraction
d. Fraction Revision
e.  Match the Fractions
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Math, Spelling, and Vocab.

There will not be any math homework or spelling and vocab.  this week, due to the fact that it’s a short week and we’re tracking off.

Math Box: April 12-17

This week, there will be a green packet, of worksheets on probability, coming home. The whole packet needs to be complete and is due on Friday. We will be doing a review and test over decimals the first part of the week, so we will not be looking at this new unit on “probablility” until Wednesday. When we come back on track we will start our regular mathbox again.

Math Homework- April 6-9

Another Packet will be sent home this week. They need to choose to do 4 of the 6 worksheets this week. It is due on Friday.

Homework- Week of the 29th

Due to the odd weeks we have, this week and next week, the students will have a math packets coming home. The one that I sent home this week has 6 pages. I have told the students to choose the three pages that they want to do for this week. It is due on Wed.

Math Box Feb. – March 5

Feb. 16-March 5


Go to school web site:
Click on the LINKS button
Click on Math Links
1.  Woodlands Math (scroll down to Shape and Space Skills section)
a.  Shapes:
i. Y4 Sort Triangles
ii.  Sort Quadrilaterals
iii.  Match the 3D shapes
b.  Angles
i.  Banana Hunt
ii.  Angles Through Sports
c.  Symmetry
i.  Symmetry Game

2.  Drawing a Picture:  Ask your child to draw the shape of his/her bedroom floor.  Then have your student measure the length and width of the room and write in these measurements on the picture.  Also, have the child draw the main pieces of furniture in the room and write their measurements.  Now look at the picture with your child and discuss how the furniture in the room could be rearranged.
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Math Box

Division Patterns
January 11-22


Go to school web site:
Click on the CLASSROOMS button
Click on 4th Grade
Click on Math links
Click on Basic Facts

From the Basic Facts button go to the following activity:

1.  Math Magician (choose division to practice basic math facts)

2.  From the Foothills web page, go to Math Links, click on Woodlands Math Zone.
Choose the division icon in the Number Skills section.
Choose any of the games listed on the is page (I especially like World Cup Match).
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