Fun Friday Activity

What is Fun Friday?
Fun Friday is an activity created to get parents involved with the class. It is a reward for the students who have completed all of their work for that week and also serves as time for students who didnt complete work, to catch up.  There are usually thirty to forty minutes of time for the activity.

Who can Participate?
I invite all parents to come and do something with the class.  Interaction between Parents and students is beneficial to both parties.  It allows the Parents to see their child interact with other children.  If you as a parent, notice something that can be improved, your feed back is welcome.  The activity also allows the student to see another side of their parents, other than at home or in a disciplinary role.  A bond between parent and child can be strengthened.

What have Others Done?
Each parent will have different experiences.  An activity can be as simple as a parent coming in to play a game with the students.  Others have taught sign language, shared their experience about a country they traveled too, and some have made an art project or craft.  If you have a talent, such as juggling, or magic tricks, or even play an instrument, you can share how you acquired that talent.  Overall, we want this to be a fun time for the students, where they can expand their horizon beyond the textbooks.  I know the children really look forward to it. It wouldn’t be the same without you!