Classroom Economy

Each student has a job.  You will get paid each month. Every two months there will be an auction when you may use your money to get points. With the points you may buy things. Each $5 = 1 point. If I see that you have not done your job well during the month, I will not pay you or you will get paid less. You will each have a banker who will help you keep track of your money, so you need to make sure that every time you pay a fine or are given money, you and your banker record it!

You will each be renting out your desk. The closer you are to the front, the more expensive the seat. If you save up enough money you can buy your desk.  Rent costs between $26-38 depending on which desk you buy. Once you buy it, it becomes a condo. You can then rent out your desk to other students (if you choose), which means that they are paying you!

Finally, there are the police. They may fine you for talking when you should not be, for fighting, swearing, and breaking class rules. They will give you a yellow ticket. They will keep track of whom they give the tickets to and give the list to me every day.  It is your responsibility to pay the fine. I will not remind you. If it does not get paid that day, you will be fined another dollar every day its not  paid. If you are in debt, you will work it off by working in my classroom during  recess. If you believe that you were treated unfairly, you can come at speak  with me.

Bonus Money:
You can earn bonus money, too! I will give it out to students that I can tell put in a lot of extra effort into an assignment. I will also give it out to students who went to a National Park, Museum, or Zoo. You just have to write a short paragraph about what you learned and turn it in to me. It will also be given for reading logs.  Finally, I will give out money to the students who join the film club, but you must fill out the worksheet over the movie and show up to the film club meetings.

On this page are the jobs that you may choose from. You will choose your top three choices a small piece of paper. For each one, write a brief explanation of why you should have this job. I will higher each of you. Some jobs pay more than others, but some are also harder than others. The easier the job, the less you get paid. It depends on how hard you want to work. If you get tired of a job and want to do a switch, there will be a few job openings that you can speak to me about.

Job Title Income Job Description
Police-4 $75 You are in charge of monitoring the classroom. You can fine students for
talking, stealing, and fighting. Each fine is $5. You are responsible of
keeping a record of the students you fined for the day and reporting it
to me. If any students have a problem, they first come to you. You help
fix the problem. If it is serious, you will report to me.
Ball Monitor-2 $70 You keep track of all of the balls that our class takes out to recess.
Make sure that the students who brought one out, bring it back in! If
you find one on the playground, bring it in!
Banker-5 $85 If you are good at math this is a great job for you! You will manage
your own money as well as keeping track of 6 other students accounts.
You will help take care of money transactions between the student and
the teacher.
Clerk-2 $75 You are in charge of lunch count and attendance every day. You will also
be in charge of the substitutes. You will assign them a job should
another student be absent for the day.
Inventory-2 $65 You will keep track of classroom supplies. For example- checking expo
markers and glue sticks for lids, throwing out the ones that dont work,
making sure all the crayon boxes are put away at the end of the day, and
keeping students from putting my things (glue, scissors, crayons) in
their desks.
Janitor-7 $90 You are in charge of making sure our classroom is clean. You are in
charge of the bookshelves and the floor.
Lunch Bucket-2 $75 You take the lunch tote down every day and pick it up again at the end
of the day.
Pledge-2 $65 You will lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance Tuesday through
Postman-2 $80 You will be the messenger, delivering the attendance and lunch count to
the office every morning. You will also be in charge of delivering or
picking up anything else we need at the office.
Substitutes-5 $70 You will be the ones who replace any student that is absent for the day.
You will do whatever job needs to be done, but you will not have to work
every day.