Wish List

If you would like to contribute to the classroom, these are some suggested items.  So that we don’t get too many of the same items, we have divided the items by the letter of your LAST NAME.  For example, if you would like to donate and you last name is “Davis”, you would bring either Stickers or Band-Aids.  If you want to
bring other supplies from another group, you are more than welcome.

The following is a list of items that are always helpful donations to our classroom. Any of these items that you are able to bring will be greatly appreciated!

Initial – Last Name Items to Bring
A,B,C Learning Games (new or used — Scrabble, flash cards, etc.)
D,E Stickers
F,G,H Colored Pencils
Whiteboard Markers
I,J,K,L Pencils/ErasersPens
M,N,O,P Small prizes / incentives
Q,R Colored Paper / Cardstock
S,T,U,V Zip-lock baggies (any size)
W,X,Y,Z Individually wrapped candies
Everyone Kleenex / Tissues (We use it up fast!)Hand Sanitizer
Old Magazines
Post-It Notes
Notebooks with Lined Paper
Glue Sticks
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Games or Puzzles (For those rainy inside recess days)
YOUR TIME!  (We can always use volunteers in class.  See me
for more information!)