Teaching Experience

By way of introduction, I am from Olathe, Colorado.  I love the outdoors and in my spare time, I practice my flute and read books. I speak a little Spanish and I spent a few months in Ecuador doing some volunteer work there.  This will be my fourth year teaching fourth grade and have found it to be very rewarding.

I come from a line of teachers. Ever since I was in high school I have loved teaching. I taught swimming lessons for a two years and an origami art class for an after school program at the local elementary school. I loved working as an aide in the elementary classes. I also taught as a dance instructor at a middle school during that time. I taught the Jitterbug, Charleston, Foxtrot, and Waltz.

I attended college at BYU- Idaho and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught in the 2nd and 5th grades during that time. I did my student teaching here in the Jordan School District, teaching 3rd grade ALPS. Upon graduating I got a job working as a paraprofessional for the Provo District for a year. I worked with students in Title I, interacting one-on-one, helping them in math and reading.

One of the most life changing experiences that I had was living in Ecuador for three months. I volunteered with the Orphanage Support Services Organization where I worked with children.  My duties included changing diapers, feeding, teaching, loving, and speaking Spanish.

All these experiences have led me to where I am today! The greatest reward for me is to see your children succeed in something they previously found difficult.

I love my job and I truly enjoy working with your children.