Math Box- May 10-21

May 10- 21


Go to school web site:
Click on the LINKS button
Click on Math Links
I.  Click on Woodlands Math and scroll down to “Number Skills”
Click on Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages:
Play     a.  Fraction Monkeys
b.  Show the Fraction
c.  Name the Fraction
d. Fraction Revision
e.  Match the Fractions


2.  Part of a Whole:  This activity will help your child understand how a fraction can show part of a whole or part of a group.  Ask your child to fold a piece of paper into 3 equal sections.  Then ask your child to show 1/ 3 of the paper by shading the appropriate section.  Next, give your child 8 pieces of paper.  Ask your child to give you 5/ 8 of the group back (5 pieces).  Then ask your child what fraction of the group of pieces of paper he/she has left (3/ 8).  Try again with fourths, halves, etc.

3.  Comparing Fractions:  Have your child compare fractions by measuring fractions of a cup into two clear glasses that are the same size.  Have your child put 2/ 3 cup of water into one of the glasses and 2/ 4 cup into the other.  Ask your child which is greater, 2/ 4 cup or
2/ 3 cup?  Have the child empty the glasses, then compare other fractional amounts such as 2/ 3 and 3/ 4, 1/ 3 and 1/ 4, 3/ 3 and 2/ 2.

4.  Adding Fractions:  If your child likes to cook, this activity will give him/her practice in adding fractions with the same denominator.  (The denominator is the bottom number in a fraction.)  Let your child help you make a double amount of a recipe.  Ask him or her to tell you how much of each ingredient should be used.  The child can figure this out by adding the same amount twice.  The child can check the answer by measuring the amount twice into a measuring cup.

5.  Adding and Subtracting Fractions:  Use a large measuring container labeled with cups and fractions of cups, and small measuring cups to help your child add and subtract fractions.  Ask your child to guess the sum of 1/ 2 cup and 1/ 4 cup.  After he/she guesses, have the child pour 1/ 2 cup and 1/ 4 cup of water into the large container to check the guess.  Have your child try adding other fractions the same way, such as 3/ 4 and 1/ 2.
Ask your child to guess the difference between 3/ 4 and 1/ 2.  After he/ she guesses, have your child pour 3/ 4 cup of water into the large container, then dip out 1/ 2 cup to check the guess.  Have your child subtract other fractions the same way.

6.  Probability:  Try this activity to help reinforce the concept of probability.  Have your child number index cards or small pieces of paper from 1 to 5.  Mix up the 5 cards and hold them so that your child can’t see the numbers.  Have your child pick one of the cards, write down its number and give it back to you.  Mix all the cards together again and have your child pick another card.  Do this 15 times.  Ask your child how many times each number was picked.  Then ask your child how many times each number was picked.  Then ask your child what the probability is of picking a 3.  Since there are 5 choices, your child should respond 1 out of 5, or 1/ 5.

7.  Laundry:  Help put the laundry away.  Make a stack of 4 towels or other items and put away 3/ 4 of the towels.  What part of the towels was left?  Try this with 6 socks and take away 2/ 3 of the socks- what is left?  Try again with other fractions.

8.  Money:  Place 4 quarters, 10 dimes, and 20 nickels on a table.  Answer the following questions using fractions:  What part of a dollar is a quarter?  What part of a dollar is a dime?  What part of a dollar is a nickel?  What part of a dollar is 4 dimes?  What part of a dollar is
$0.75?  Make up more amounts under a dollar using quarters, dimes, and nickels and see what part of the dollar they are.


9.  War:  Use the cards at the back of this packet, play War with fractions, the biggest fraction wins the pile.

10.  Concentration:  Using the cards at the back of this packet, play Concentration using equivalent fractions that can make a match. For example, 2/ 3 = 4/ 6, 1/ 2 = 2/ 4, etc.

(Go through and pull out all the fractions that are not equivalent first).

Reteach 89
Reteach 90
Reteach 91
Reteach 92
Reteach 93
Reteach 94
Reteach 101
Reteach 102

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