Concern for your students

Hi parents!  There are a few things that I am concerned about for about half of the class- I will try to touch on everything here:

1. Remind your children that throwing snowballs, whitewashing, etc. will result in in-school suspension! We have had some trouble with this today. Also, no sliding down the hill. We’ve had students get seriously hurt that way!

2. Much of the class has not been turning in their mathbox homework and monthly reading calendars since the last report cards!  Please remind your children to turn those in! It is hurting their grades!

3. I am not sure what is going on- maybe it’s the holidays?  But, there are quite a few  not getting their work done due to missing school or  because they simply choose to talk  instead of doing their work. I have a lot of missing work from last week that was supposed to get finished during the weekend. They know who they are and  will be making them up at recess’ and fun fridays, if not at home.

Parents- you have always been supportive of your children and of the teacher! Thankyou for all you do! Please continue to help them out. Please be patient with me. I honestly can say I am having a hard time keeping up with all the students that have been out of class! I understand that they are  generally good reasons for absences, but with 30 students it has been a pretty big task to keep everyone caught up!


2 Responses to “Concern for your students”
  1. Stephanie Grant says:

    Does Catie have any missing or uncompleted work?

    Thanks! I appreciate all you do!

  2. Mrs. Ting says:

    Nope! She’s doing just great!

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