The Baby is Here

Mr. Ting and I would like to introduce you to our new daughter.  Her name is Eleanor Mei-Lin Ting.  She was born June 28, 2010 in the evening.  Below are some pictures of her.  Read More →


Hi all! I hope your county program has gone great and that you have a great last week of school! This will probably be my last post before the baby comes. She is almost ready, so watch for a post with baby pictures! Report card will go home on Friday. You have to be at school to pick them up, otherwise we will mail it to you or you can pick it up at the school front desk. The district is still having problems with the attendance numbers. They have provided a way for us to get the accurate attendance... 

Fraction Worksheet

Hi all! There is a worksheet coming home, on adding fractions. The substitute told them to do it differently than my aides graded them. I gave each student that turned it in full credit, so disregard the grade written on their worksheet when it comes home on Friday.  Read More →

Last weeks of school!

Hey parents! There are no more weeks in their planners to write! And I am now on maternity leave. So, hopefully I will cover the important things coming up in this post! There probably won’t be many more posts after this. I will put up baby pictures after she arrives! Here’s what’s going on: June 24th- Their math projects are due June 28th- County Program at 2:00! Please come and support your kids and all their hard work! You can even take them home early with you afterwards! Just... 

This week!

Hi all! There is a lot to know this week. This will be my last, since I am getting ready to deliver the baby soon! Tuesday- Bring library books! Wed.- Field Trip: Don’t forget cold lunches! If you forget, you’ll have to eat in the school cafeteria and not out on the picnic! We will be loading the buses at 9:00- don’t be late or you might miss the trip! Thursday- We will be making kimonos out of paper. Bring things to decorate your kimono! Stickers, ribbon, buttons, etc. Friday-... 

Math Homework

Math Box Homework- Due June 23rd!

Their assignment is to create their own math game that will review something we hace learned in math this year. Here’s the cirteria

Title  your game

Provide written directions

Put your name on your game and any pieces that go with it

Mae sure it provides review in one of the math areas we have learned this year

Incorperate a spinner, dice, cards, or heads/tails into your game somehow

Your game needs to be for 4-8 players

Play the game with your family to make sure your game will work!

No Homework!

Due to the CRT testing there will be no Math homework this week!

Math Homework: May 24-28th

There isn’t a mathbox homework these next two weeks. Instead, we are going to do a review packet as we are getting ready for the big CRT test coming up in two weeks. Each day they will be asked to do a page. Here is the outline for this week:

Mon.- page 1

Tues.- page 2

Wed. pg. 3

Thurs. pg. 4

Fri.- We will go over their answers together, so make sure they turn it in this day! : )